Privacy Policy


In this website controlled and maintained by BONFIRE HOSTEL OSAKA. (hereinafter referred to as “Hostel”) (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”), user is required to type in any information necessary for transaction or communication (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), including user's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, at the time of procedure for reservation, query or member registration. Such Personal Information is registered into the database. Such registered information will be used for the purpose of provision by Hostel of service profitable for users. 


< Use of Personal Information >

Such registered Personal Information will be used for the following purposes:

・Reservation and query:

Hostel will answer the offer of reservation and the query, which is main purpose of the application form.

・Dispatch of e-mail newsletters

Hostel will inform users who agreed to receiving e-mail newsletters by the application form of any event plan or lodging plan by Hostel and its affiliates. User can change or unsubscribe it at any time by himself/herself.

・Other communication

Hostel may communicate with user by e-mail, phone or letter if need arises at Hostel discretion.


< Control of Personal Information >

Hostel will comply with the Private Information Protection Law or other related laws, strictly control user's Personal Information and make an effort to protect user's privacy.


Entrusting an information control to any third party, Hostel will review safety on the third party's information control, and enter into non-disclosure agreements with it. 


In cases falling under any of the following events, user’s Personal Information may be disclosed to a third party:


When disclosure or share of such information is considered to be necessary for the purpose of provision of service to the user ; 

When disclosure to any collaboration company in contractual relationship with Hostel is necessary for the purpose of provision of service to the user ;

When the user agrees to disclosure of such information;

When Hostel receives formal inquiries for such information from the police or the court pursuant to applicable laws;

In other serious emergency for the user, Hostel or a third party.


< Use of statistical information >

Information of users of this Website may be used in the form of statistical information except personal information. Such statistical information will be used as various types of marketing data but is not used for the other purpose.   


< Use of Cookie >

In this Website, a function called as Cookie is used in order to enable users to use this Website smoothly. This function is used for the purpose of recognizing identity of user’s computer when the user visits this Website again or simplifying entry into forms. Though users may reject to receive Cookie depending on setting of browser, when users reject to receive Cookie, any portion of this Website may be used.  


< Revision of this Privacy Policy >

This Privacy Policy may be revised in order to improve protection of Personal Information or conform to alteration of applicable laws or other rules without any notice. With respect to contents of revision, please confirm in this Website. Hostel will not be liable to any trouble resulted from failure of confirmation by user at all, which please note. 


< Use of SSL >

“SSL” is a method that encodes information and transmits it in such condition. SSL is a function for the purpose of enhancing user’s convenience of this Website, and is not a function for the purpose of identifying user’s Personal Information. An inquiry form of this Website is SSL-enabled. SSL protects user's Personal Information, by which users can transmit information to Hostel securely.    


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